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Recovery Fuel

Nutritionally Green’s "Recovery Fuel" Green Pea & Brown Rice

  • Post Exercise Muscle Repair, Rehydration & Electrolyte Replacement Formula

Benefits Associated with Nutritionally Green’s Recovery Fuel?

  • Provides the clinically proven combination of carbohydrates to protein (3 to 1 ratio)
  • Provides easily digestible carbohydrates to replenish depleted sugar storages (in your liver & muscles)
  • Provides the muscle rebuilding amino acids to repair torn down muscle fibers (from your workout)
  • Replaces fluids & electrolytes lost through sweat (offsets post workout cramping and spasms)
  • Provides nutritional support to your immune system (offsetting the potential for sickness associated with viruses)
  • Reduces the stress on the Adrenal System due to adequate post workout nutrition intake

What Is Nutritionally Green’s Recovery Fuel?

  • Nutritionally Green’s Recovery Fuel is an advanced protein/sugar (glycogen) electrolyte formula developed for use immediately (within 20 minutes ideally) after high intensity training and competing. Nutritionally Green’s Recovery Fuel provides easily digestible whey protein, carbohydrates (sourced from sugar cane) & essential electrolytes (necessary for proper muscle contraction), through an activated co-transport system making them readily available in the blood stream to optimize post workout recovery.

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