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Protein Fuel - Green Pea & Brown Rice

Nutritionally Green’s Pea & Brown Rice Protein Powder

  • Vegetable Based/High Quality Protein for Muscle Repair & Appetite Control

Benefits Associated with Nutritionally Green’s Pea & Rice Protein Powder?

  • Provides high quality protein content (90%) and easily digestible (90-95%) with a high rate of absorption
  • Provides easily digestible protein to rebuild muscles, bones and tissue (maintains a nitrogen positive environment)
  • Provides a high quality protein source for individuals that are lactose intolerant and/or struggle with the digestion of meat
  • Provides the muscles high quality amino acids to repair torn down muscle fibers (from your workout)
  • Hypoallergenic (causes fewer allergic reactions) when compared to milk, soy, wheat and yeast
  • Helps control hunger by producing peptides, which delays the gastric emptying rate and lowers ghrelin levels (a substance released by the stomach which signals the brain to trigger the hunger sensation)

What Is Nutritionally Green’s Pea & Rice Protein Powder?

Nutritionally Green’s Pea & Rice Protein is an easily absorbable, great tasting combination of high quality peas and brown rice. Extensive research has shown the high quality amino acid profile of both peas and rice. In addition to containing all of the essential amino acids, both are a natural source of protein and fiber.

32 servings in a polyester bag

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