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Premium Muscle Builder

Nutritionally Green's "Premium Muscle Builder"
  • Whey Protein - Muscle and Tissue repair formula

Benefits Associated with Premium Muscle Builder


  • Provides the body with high quality Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) essential in the repair and maintenance of organs, glands, muscles, tendons, ligaments and skin
  • Facilitate the development of neurotransmitters chemicals that convey messages to the brain
  • Assists in the production of important hormones like insulin and enzymes that activate bodily functions
  • Assists your body by serving as a cofactor to vitamins and minerals to more effectively absorb and serve their individual function
  • Provides working muscles with BCAA to assist in aerobic activity  this avoids a deficiency and a negative result in performance
  • Offsets the negative side effects of BCAA deficiency within the muscles slow reaction time, influence endocrine function and suppress appetite
  • Delays the onset of fatigue physically and mentally
  • Helps offset over training symptoms anemia, weight loss, depression, suppressed immune system & decreased performance
What is Premium Muscle Builder?
  • Whey Protein is derived from milk protein. However, unlike milk proteins - Whey Protein does not contain fat or lactose sugar. Whey Protein is the best form of protein to take when using a supplement. Basically with Whey Protein you get all the advantages of protein without the excess baggage other proteins come with - no fat and no lactose. Not only that, studies have shown that Whey Protein can increase our blood levels of glutathione. Glutathione is an antioxidant which is essential to a healthy immune system.

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