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Energy Fuel

Nutritionally Green's "Energy Fuel" 

  • Performance Hydration Fuel

Benefits of "Energy Fuel" If you sweat we recommend our Performance Rehydration & Electrolyte Replacement Formula with Vitamins

  • Delays fatigue by providing easily digestible carbohydrates
  • Replaces fluids & electrolytes and vitamins lost through sweat
  • Reduces muscle cramping and spasms
  • Avoids the negative side effects of dehydration

What Is NG’s "Energy Fuel"

  • Nutritionally Green’s Energy Fuel is an advanced re-hydrating/electrolyte formula developed for use during light to high intensity training and competing.  Nutritionally Green’s Energy Fuel provides easily digestible carbohydrates (sourced from sugar cane) & essential electrolytes (necessary for proper muscle contraction), through an activated co-transport system making them readily available in the blood stream to maintain and optimize cellular metabolism. 

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