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Complete Bone Health

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CBH - complete bone health

Product Description

Complete Bone Health
Complete Bone Support Formula
A synergistic formula that contains multiple nutrients to:
  • Support the organic and inorganic matrix of bone
  • Support hormone balance
  • Provide bioavailable minerals for bone health
  • Support bone density

Benefits Associated with Complete Bone Health Supplementation?

  • Provides key nutrients for bone density, function and overall bone health
  • Provides your body with the key nutrient associated with blood clotting and the healing of wounds
  • Provides your body the key component in the production of enzymes and hormones that regulate digestion
  • Supports your body’s energy production and fat metabolism
  • Supports the contraction strength within the muscles
  • Supports the regulation of blood pressure
  • Supports your body’s hormone balances
  • Supports your nervous system
  • Assists in maintaining all cells and connective tissues within the body

What Is Complete Bone Health?

  • Bones are made up of two components: organic and inorganic.  The delicate balance within in this matrix is the foundation to strong bones necessary for athletic performance and overall health
  • The organic matrix of bone is composed of collagen (ap­proximately 90%), chondroitin sulfates and glycoprotein play a significant role in the growth & regeneration of bones.
  • The inorganic matrix is approximately 75% of the dry weight of bone and is mainly calcium. The inor­ganic matrix of bone is responsible for providing bones with the ability to withstand hard impact

Why Take Complete Bone Health Supplements?

  • Calcium is a nutrient that is essential for strong bones and for supporting your body's critical functions such as controlling your blood pressure and maintaining your heart beat. Ninety-nine percent of your body's calcium is stored in your bones and teeth. This calcium makes up your bone bank. Throughout your lifetime, calcium is "deposited" in and "withdrawn" from your bone bank depending on your needs. When your dietary calcium intake is too low, your body will "withdraw" the calcium it needs from your bones. Over time, if more calcium is taken out of your bones than is put in, the result may be thin, weak bones that may break more easily

Who should take Complete Bone Health Supplements?

  • Active individuals; the more active your lifestyle the higher your potential for brittle bones – not because of the activity, but rather due to the busy schedule and insufficient intake of calcium associated with daily food consumption.   

When to start taking Complete Bone Health Supplements?

  • Due to the associated benefits listed above, calcium supplementation is an easy way to ensure overall health and performance at any age.

When to take Complete Bone Health Supplements?

  • It's best to take Calcium in two separate dosages (equally split) in the morning and evening preferably with a high quality, dense meal. 

What dosage should I take of Bone Health Supplements?

  • Follow the suggested usage as indicated on the Nutritionally Green bottle.

Nutritionally Green Supplements by Coach Robb Means Top Quality and Maximum Absorption For You!

  • Like all our supplements, Complete Bone Health Supplements is made of only the highest quality to ensure that your body can absorb the ingredients for maximum effectiveness.  Your body’s ability to absorb what you consume is commonly referred to as bio-availability (a fancy way of saying your body is actually absorbing what it is consuming verses passing it as waste).
Higher Quality and Absorption Means Exceptional Value To Your Performance
  • With the ingredients being of such high quality, your body will absorb a higher percentage of the Calcium which will provide you with all of the associated benefits and less being lost in your urine.  Products that are not of high quality are not absorbed by the body and pass through your system as waste. 
Remember, when it comes to nutrition what you absorb is as important as what you eat!

Do not use if pregnant or nursing. Consult a health care professional before use if you are taking any medication or have any medical condition. Not recommended for use by individuals under the age of 18 or without parental permission.

Supplement Facts - Amount Per 4 Tablets
  • MCHC 3478 mg
  • yielding Calcium 800mg
  • Magnesium Aspartate 2000mg
  • yielding Magnesium 400 mg
  • Vitamin D3 800iu
  • Vitamin K2 45mcg
  • Boron 3mg
  • Copper 2 mg

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